Beach Holidays in Cyprus

It is easy to fall in love with the birthplace of Aphrodite-the goddess of love. This island’s enchantments begin right when you land, and carry on way after you leave. Beach holidays here are particularly delightful, offering some of Europe’s most enjoyable weekend getaway and family holiday destinations. What’s more, with the availability of cheap flights all year round and 320 days of sunshine a year, you have no reason not to visit any time.

Cyprus’ location near Turkey and Greece adds to its exotic appeal. It has historically been a crossroad between North Africa, Europe, and Asia. As a result, it has a wealth of cultural history, with each passing culture leaving its own indelible mark on this lovely island. The Greek, Roman, and more recently Turkish influence here is undeniable. While the political situation between Cyprus and Turkey remains unresolved, this has not prevented it from blossoming into one of Europe’s most coveted beach holiday destinations.

Beach holidays in Cyprus are the perfect backdrop for enjoyable family fun or exotic honeymoon escape. While the capital city Nicosia sits snugly in the center of the island, the other cities are conveniently found at the coastal areas. This creates the perfect ambiance for your beach holiday, especially if you are specifically keen on the nightlife. On the south coast, you find the popular city of Paphos, Limassol, and Larnaca (locally known as Scala). On the opposite side you will find Agia Napa, Famagusta, and Kyrenia, The night life here is vibrant, and the beaches are very popular with good reason. The beaches here offer exciting spots for

It is impossible to talk about beach holidays without isolating the cultural city of Paphos. Once the capital of the Greek and ancient Roman capital, this city begs to be explored beyond its pristine beaches.  The historic sights are tucked between quaint streets filled with outdoor restaurants, attractive decks, and palms lining the streets. From here you can venture into Cyprus’ best beach in nearby Peyia, the Coral Bay Beach. Its azure warm waters and sandy beach make it a hit with families looking for escape in the sun and sand. Then head over for the ultimate love conquest at Aphrodite’s Rock: swim round the rock 3 times to find true love.

A Cyprus beach holiday is a great time to enjoy water sports. Cyprus’ azure waters, great weather, and rich sea life makes for a great water adventure spot. Get your gear and go scuba diving, or take on the waves on windsurfing, sailboarding, or kite surfing.

The beaches in Cyprus come alive at night. The beach parties are memorable, and the music never really stops. The quiet romantic beachside cafés give way to vibrant energetic bars. Whether you are in the ancient confines of Paphos or headed up to Limassol, the excitement seems to blanket the entire island. Alternatively, for those who want a quiet getaway, head out to the quieter fishing villages and towns for a more intimate experience: the choice is truly yours.

Beach Holidays in Cyprus


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