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Welcome to Luxury Cyprus Holidays!

Hi, and welcome to Luxury Cyprus Holidays!

We love Cyprus and all the fantastic attractions it has to offer a visitor. From stunning cities like the capital Athens to beautiful beaches and crystal clear seas, it can keep you entertained for weeks on end and will leave you wishing you didn’t have to go home.

We also are fanatics for the finer things in life. We believe that on a holiday you should be treated like a king or queen, and should be able to explore Cyprus’ many attractions before returning to the lap of luxury in your hotel, villa or apartment.

Here are Luxury Cyprus Holidays we’ll be bringing you the very best information on luxury holidays in Cyprus, from information about the best locations to visit to tips and tricks on how to find the most luxurious places to stay at the best prices.

So pack your bags, subscribe and get ready to whet your appetite for the perfect holiday in Cyprus!