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5 Places to Visit on a Luxury Cyprus Holiday

The third largest island in the Mediterranean, the sunny island country is a mix of cultures and sights begging to be explored. The beauty of the Cypriot nation can never be fully described. However, here are some of the top destinations you should visit when you finally plan to be here.


One of the interesting cities of Cyprus located on the central Mesaoria plain of the island with the breathtaking Kyrenia Mountains to the north, complete with a spectacular view of the unmistakable Pendakyles ‘the five fingered peak’.

It has been the capital of Greece since the tenth century with historical dates back to 5000 years to Bronze Age. There are many wonders on display for those interested in history. Several museums display archeological artifacts dating up to 8500 years old, a fun activity for all ages.

That’s not all, the Elephthenia square in the city center links the ancient walled city with the modern one where offices, hotels, restaurants and gardens mix with the elegant colonial buildings. It is truly a city of contrasts where the old meets the new.



This is one of the beach towns on the island of Cyprus, priding itself with Rocky hills, lush green meadows and lazy beaches. Though not as developed as other beach towns, this town boasts of great attractions such as the Akamas peninsula which contains a variety of nature trails with a waterfall and pools. Local legend has us believe that the goddess Aphrodite hid here to escape her suitors.

For wine lovers is the place to be, the Vouni Panaiya Winery Hike takes you past the Chrysorrogiatissa monastery. This monastery makes its own wine, and invites hikers to sample some of its best barrels. Now by the end of that hike you become one merry traveler!


The second largest city in the island, Limassol lies in Southern half of the Greek controlled part of the Island. It is a city with a past of displacements, but now that is in the past. Today,  there is a lot to enjoy in this coastal city.

There several Museums, most notable of them being the Limassol castle that houses the Cyprus Museum. The city bustles with activity: if not the wine festivals, it is the grand carnivals with masquerade parties and enough festivities to keep you smiling and merry for the rest of your stay.


A must see city with an interesting history that leaves behind a lot of mysteries. It is also referred to as the “ghost city” due to the deserted old city section, namely Verosha. Enjoy a walk through the old town as you have a look at the open air Museums and have a feel of the Venetian fortified walls. There is a lot of historical architecture on display and local culture to sample. It is also an interesting place to listen to the stories of the mysterious abandoned section according to local lore.


Means “settlement by the sea” and is one of the largest towns to the South East of Famagusta District in the Greek controlled half of the island. This is a town associated with a lot of water activities: from water skiing, windsurfing to diving which is the most popular of all. The endless warm sea, sandy beaches and the clear waters, which offer a spectacular view of underwater sea life, puts this town into the list of “must visit”.